What Are The Options To Resolve An Issue Of A Missing Teeth?

A good smile is highly dependent upon the health of teeth. We need to keep our teeth clean and tidy so that when we smile, people would look at our smile and impress. Also, the people who are brand ambassadors, models, actors or have some public image need to take special care of their teeth. They need to go to the dentist in Golden Square after every couple of years for teeth whitening and other things so that they can smile with confidence.

There are many issues that people go through other than the pale teeth. One of them are missing teeth. There are multiple reasons that people have missing teeth or missing tooth. Their tooth has broken because they fall on the floor. Some people have a gap between their teeth that look unpleasant and their smile never attract anyone, so they opt for options and solutions to get the matter treated.

The Solution:

There are three options that allow us to have a good and attractive smile on our face. So, if you have a broken tooth or any other issue that becomes a hurdle in your personality then you have following options available to get it treated.


Implants are basically the artificial tooth that are being implanted with the help of a screw to the mouth. It can easily cover up a missing tooth. Before implantation, a dentist needs to measure the size and angle of a tooth so that it can be fit at the right place and doesn’t give an impression that a tooth is fake.

Crowns and Bridges:

If there are some teeth missing and we do not go for the procedure of implants, then crowns and bridges would be an ideal option. Crowns can easily be fit in a mouth. It covers a tooth. To have bridges, the adjacent and nearby tooth has to be healthy and strong so that it can support the bridge. Crown is basically a cap that can easily be adjusted. We need to change the bridges and crowns after a few times. The time frame is dependent upon the quality of the material used.


Dentures are artificial set of teeth that has gums also. We can easily put on dentures. They are not fixed. We can take them out on daily basis and its cleaning are also easy.

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