What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers in Canberra is just as easy to understand from the heading only; it is something that fills the lips so that they look bigger. It falls under the category of cosmetic surgery and is done usually by many women all over the world because they feel like they would look better if they had more prominent lips on their cute little faces as well. These fillers, we can say, are generally used by the people so as to increase the volume and the size of the lips at the same time. It is not a onetime thing, as once this treatment is done on the patient, they need to revisit the doctor so as to have the top up done so that they maintain the look of their lips and therefore the whole face at once as well. The lip fillers results depend upon the age of the patient and the brand of the filler that they are getting as well.  

First of all, the lips are numbed with the help of topical anesthesia, and then the area where they inject the stuff is cleaned thoroughly as well. After this the doctor injects the thing on to the lips in the ratios that are sufficient for the person to have the amount of huge lips that would look attractive on them then. Just after the procedure has been completed, there might be redness in the areas where the injection was applied, there might be swelling and pain and tenderness that might stay till 24 hours until after the procedure, however if it takes more than that, then the person would go and see the doctor himself again.  

Although this treatment is very affective, it has its downside too. There is a risk of an allergic reaction due to the injections of these lip fillers too. It is also claimed that many times due to these injections, the redness and the soreness did not go away for a long time and it was very uncomfortable for the patient to live I that kind of a situation as well then unlike the treatment itself. In some rare cases, the skin cells might die if these injections are not used properly on the patient. There have been cases of blindness and nerve paralysis too. And so it is very important that a person only gets these treatments done form the doctors that are very experienced and who own up to the work that they do and can be come to in case of any emergency that the patient feels is wrong with the treatment as well. It is important to have the homework done before having going through the treatment of having lip fillers to look beautiful. For more information, please log on to https://www.dicksondentist.com.au/.